Dene Taylor - Innovating Inkjet Technologies for Plastic Products.

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      Plastic Decorating Magazine. July/August 2013   (Reprinted in Plastics Decorating ENews, December 2013): 



      Innovating Inkjet Technologies for Plastic Products.     Scott R. Sabreen   and Dene Taylor,





        The demand for digital inkjet on three-dimensional plastic   products is increasing exponentially.  Application challenges to   achieving robust printing operations are the optimal ink   chemistry and printhead design, compatibility between the ink and   polymeric substrate, and curing. Most companies investing in   inkjet technology desire to decorate multiple substrates. Since   there are often substantial chemical and physical differences   between plastics, even within the same polymer family, it becomes   challenging to print on all materials. In part, difficulties can   arise from the inkjet manufacturer’s printhead design and   certified ink supplier partnerships that limit certain ink   chemistries that may have superior characteristics.  This article emphasizes the   needs for “ink-printhead” driven process solutions and polymeric   surface compatibility.


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