Andrew Pudzianowski - Correction to “Synthesis of Biologically Active Piperidine Metabolites of Clopidogrel: Determination of Structure and Analyte Development”

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      Shaw, Scott A., Balasubramanian, Balu, Bonacorsi, Samuel, Caceres   Cortes, Janet, Cao, Kevin, Chen, Bang-Chi, Dai, Jun, Decicco,   Carl, Goswami, Animesh, Guo, Zhiwei, Hanson, Ronald, Humphreys,   W. Griffith, Lam, Patrick Y. S., Li, Wenying, Mathur, Arvind,   Maxwell, Brad D., Michaudel, Quentin, Peng, Li, Pudzianowski,   Andrew, Qiu, Feng, Su, Shun, Sun, Dawn, Tymiak, Adrienne A.,   Vokits, Benjamin P., Wang, Bei, Wexler, Ruth, Wu, Dauh-Rurng,   Zhang, Yingru, Zhao, Rulin, Baran, Phil S. The Journal of   Organic Chemistry 2015 80 (18)   9370-9370


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