Karzan Omar - The relationship between urinary tract infection and low water intake and excessive consuming of fizzy drink Abstract

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 Farah   R. Saleh, Razhan S.Othman,  Karzan A.   Omar.    The relationship between urinary tract infection and low water   intake and excessive consuming of fizzy drink Abstract.   International Journal of Medicine Research. Volume 1; Issue 2;   May 2016; Page No. 54-56.


    The urinary tract plays an important role in our daily health in   removing toxins, in ensuring that body absorbs the adequate   amount of water, keeping the body hydrated to help flush out and   eradicate bacteria from the urinary tract. This manuscript aims   to find the effect of low water intake and the effect of   excessive consuming of fizzy drink on producing urinary tract   infection. 200 individuals who recommended by physicians to   general urine examination in Shaqlawa Hospital-Kurdistan region /   Iraq were investigated; the analysis included three areas of   concern: the exact amount of water consumption each day by the   patient, the exact amount of fizzy drink consumption by the   patient and the laboratory report for each patient. Lab reports   show the great difference between patients who used to consume   sufficient amount of water daily and patient who don't retain   drinking sufficient amount of water daily. Lab report shows that   patient who accustomed consume the fizzy drink in excessive   amount are having severe urinary tract infection representative   by bacteria, pus cell, RBC and epithelial cell, a patient who   don't consume fizzy drink or patient who not use to consume fizzy   drink were less infected.

  Address (URL): http://www.medicinesjournal.com/archives/2016/vol1/issue2/1-2-19