Sorokhaibam Laxmi Gayatri - Adsorptive Removal of p-Nitrophenol (p-NP) On Charred Jute Stick Adsorptive Removal of p-Nitrophenol (p-NP) On Charred Jute Stick *

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  Ahmaruzzaman, Md, Gayatri, Sorokhaibam Laxmi -

  Abstract: The removal of phenol derivatives from   waste waters is of great concern be-cause of the extreme toxicity   and persistency. The present study deals with the adsorption of   p-nitrophenol from aqueous solution onto jute stick char. Jute   stick is a solid waste obtained from the agricultural firms and   jute industry. Batch stud-ies were carried out with synthetic   wastewater having p-nitrophenol concentration of 1000 ppm using   jute stick char as a low cost adsorbent. The operating variables   studied are adsorbent dose, pH, contact time, effect of salt   addition, and initial p-nitrophenol concentration etc. The   adsorption data was analyzed using Fre-undlich and Langmuir   models. The experimental results showed that Freundlich model   appear to fit the isotherm data better than the Langmuir model.   Optimum conditions for p-nitrophenol were found to be at pH= 7.6   and equilibrium time 5 h. The pseudo-second order kinetic model   provides the best correlation of the experimental data compared   to the pseudo-first-order kinetic model.

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