Sorokhaibam Laxmi Gayatri - Chapter 9 – Ion Exchange Resin Catalyzed Reactions—An Overview

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  V.M. Bhandari, L.G. Sorokhaibam, V.V. Ranade   2016 393-426

  Abstract: This chapter gives an overview of ion   exchange resins as catalyst for a variety of reactions. Emphasis   is placed on the use of resin as a catalyst rather than on   reactions. Various aspects of resin catalysis, such as types of   reactions where resin can be used, the physical form of resin and   activity, and issues pertaining to its application as a catalyst   are discussed. Advantages and disadvantages of resins as catalyst   for different types of reactions are highlighted. Aspects like   reactor configurations, selection of resin, process integration,   process separations and the environmental impact of using resins   as catalysts are also included. Possible future developments in   the ion exchange catalysis area are also highlighted.

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