Karzan Omar - Prevalence of Hypertension among Young and Adults in the Kurdistan Region

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     Farah   R. Saleh, Razhan S.Othman, Karzan A.   Omar. Prevalence   of Hypertension among Young and Adults in the Kurdistan   Region. Journal   of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences. 2016, 6(2),   344-350.


        Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, is a major   risk factor
        for cardiovascular disease and kidney failure in many young   adults. Control of
        hypertension is associated with a larger reduction in morbidity   and mortality in younger
        compared with the elderly. The purpose of this study is estimate   the number of young
        adult people that having hypertension in the Kurdistan region.   The causes and reduces of
        hypertension have been studied by changing lifestyle that made by   the patient
        to reduce their hypertension and to be aware of their compliance   with treatment. All
        participants were under 40 years old and already they have been   diagnosed with
        hypertension in Shaqlawa Hospital- Kurdistan region / Iraq. From   the results can
        be observed that the most common causes of hypertension was   chronic exposure to stress
        with people who migrated from their origin places and people   suffering from the bad
        economic situation. At the same time reduces of hypertension have   been observed in the
        Kurdistan region people by changing their nutrition habits as   well as using herbs and

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