Karzan Omar - Evaluation of Starch and Sugar Content of Different Rice Samples and Study their Physical Properties

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  •         Karzan. Omar, Botan M. Salih, Nahla Y. Abdulla, Basi H. Hussin,     Shiraz M. Rassul.        Evaluation of Starch and Sugar content of different Rice     samples and Study their physical Properties. INDIAN JOURNAL OF     NATURALSCIENCES. V. 6, Issue 36; 29 Jun 2016; Page No.     11084-11093. 


    Rice is one of the main dietary foods widely consumed by Kurdish   people in the Kurdistan Region. In this research, five different   types of rice samples have been studied. The starch content of   rice samples was found to be in the range of 81.23-92.73%. The   high starch content of 92.73% was obtained by sample-5 and the   low and standard of starch content of 81.23% was obtained by   sample-1. The total sugar content of rice samples was determined   by using a phenol-sulfuric acid method at different hydrolysis   time under constant acid concentration (2% H2SO4) and temperature   (25°C). The physical properties including length, width,   thickness, equivalent diameter, surface area, sphericity, aspect   ratio, volume, bulk density, true density, porosity, and thousand   kernel weight was studied for rice samples. The physical   properties are necessary for designing appropriate equipment for   process operations such as handling, transporting, sorting, and   designing storage structures in food processing industry based on   their properties.

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