Sorokhaibam Laxmi Gayatri - Chapter 8 – Phenolic Wastewater Treatment: Development and Applications of New Adsorbent Materials

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      Sorokhaibam, Laxmi Gayatri, Ahmaruzzaman, M. Industrial   Wastewater Treatment, Recycling and Reuse  2014 323-368

      Abstract: The present chapter describes the   development of some newer adsorbent materials, especially derived   from biomass for treating phenolic wastewater. Synthesis methods   are briefly discussed, and modifications in the form of   adsorbents are elaborated with the help of characterization of   the materials. These materials were tested for removal of   phenolic compounds from wastewaters. The presented approach for   developing new adsorbent materials will be useful for realizing   cost-effective treatment of phenolic and other wastewater.

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