Lee Schechtman - Persistence Length of Isotactic Poly(hydroxy butyrate)

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  Beaucage, G., Rane, S., Sukumaran, S., Satkowski, M. M.,   Schechtman, L. A., Doi, Y. Macromolecules  1988 30 (14) 4158-4162

  Abstract: The persistence length of isotactic   poly(hydroxy butyrate) was measured using small-angle neutron   scattering. The value obtained from these measurements reflects a   high degree of local chain persistence. If this local persistence   is accounted for, scattering from these chains can be globally   fit with Gaussian scaling. A global scattering function, the   unified equation, is used, which decomposes the chain structure   into two levels, one corresponding to the Gaussian regime and one   to the persistence regime. The persistence length obtained using   this global scattering function is compared to that obtained   using the graphical approach of Kratky and Porod with good   agreement. Additionally, the global fitting approach of Sharp and   Bloomfield is also considered. The Kratky and the Sharp and   Bloomfield approaches appear to yield different values for the   persistence length. Additionally, the Sharp and Bloomfield   function does not allow inspection of the component parts of the   fit. One advantage of both global functions is that the level of   statistical confidence in the persistence length can be   determined in a least-squares fit. Another advantage is the   removal of ambiguity concerning an apparent regime of   non-Gaussian scaling between the persistence scaling regime and   the Gaussian regime.

  Address (URL): http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/ma970373t