Elancheran Ramakrishnan - Recent development o f targeted approaches for the treatment of breast cancer

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  Breast   Cancer


  Breast cancer is   the most prominent cause of cancer death in women worldwide. The   highlights of this review are   to provide an overview of the targeted therapeutic agents,   challenges with metastatic breast cancer (MBCa), mechanisms of action through   Hedgehog/Gli 1 signaling   pathway and future prospective. Over a decade   of success, several drugs   have been approved and are in the advanced stages of clinical trials that target   the receptors such as   estrogen receptor, growth factor receptor,   receptor activator of nuclear   factor kappa-B, etc. Currently, several monoclonal antibodies are also used for the   treatment of breast cancer.   Advances in understanding tumor biology, particularly signaling pathways such as Notch   signaling pathway,   Hedgehog/Gli 1 signaling pathway, and   inhibitors are considered to   be important for bone metastasis. These studies may provide vital information for the   design and development of new   strategies with respect to efficacy, reduction of the side effects, and treatment   strategies.

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