Adri Broekman - Stable isotope dilution analysis by thermal ionisation mass spectrometry  I. Determination of lead

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Fresenius' Zeitschrift für   analytische Chemie

Volume 315, Issue 1pp 30–33


The combination of stable isotope dilution analysis (S.I.D.A.) and thermal ionisation mass spectrometry (T.I.M.S.) has been used for over twenty years but principles, advantages and details are relatively unknown to many analysts. Therefore, several details are shortly discussed and a method for the determination of lead is described. Treated are: digestion of samples by mixtures of acids, electrochemical separation of lead, preparation of ultra-pure silica solution and phosphoric acid, both used to enhance the ionisation in the mass spectrometer, the technique of loading the lead on a filament, running the mass spectrometer and data reduction.

The advantages of the technique are discussed and illustrated with results for certified reference materials and by its use for certification of a reference material.

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