Steven Stellman - Impact of long-term filter cigarette usage on lung and larynx cancer risk: a case-control study

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  Wynder, E. L., Stellman, S. D. 62 (3) 471-7-

  Abstract: A case-control study was conducted   among 1.034 white male and female hospital patients with   histologically proved lung cancer (Kreyberg type l) or larynx   cancer. After adjustment for duration of the smoking habit,   inhalation, and **** length, relative risks of developing lung or   larynx cancer were consistently lower among long-term smokers of   filter cigarettes than among smokers of nonfilter cigarettes,   irrespective of quantity smoked. Relative risks in all groups   declined with increased years of smoking cessation. The observed   risk reduction among current smokers of filter cigarettes was   consistent with that expected, considering that these persons had   smoked the older high-tar nonfilter cigarettes for a large   proportion of their lives.

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