Steven Stellman - Handheld cellular telephones and risk of acoustic neuroma

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      Muscat, J. E., Malkin, M. G., Shore, R. E., Thompson, S., Neugut,   A. I., Stellman, S. D., Bruce, J. 58 (8) 1304-6-

      Abstract: The hypothesis that intracranial   energy deposition from handheld cellular telephones causes   acoustic neuroma was tested in an epidemiologic study of 90   patients and 86 control subjects. The relative risk was 0.9 (p =   0.07) and did not vary significantly by the frequency, duration,   and lifetime hours of use. In patients who used cellular   telephones, the tumor occurred more often on the contralateral   than ipsilateral side of the head. Further efforts should focus   on potentially longer induction periods.

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