Steven Stellman - Artificial sweetener use and bladder cancer: a case-control study

Document created by Steven Stellman on Dec 1, 2016
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  Wynder, E. L., Stellman, S. D. 207 (4436) 1214-6-

  Abstract: In a case-control study of 302 male   and 65 female bladder cancer patients and an equal number of   other patients matched to them in age, sex, hospital, and   hospital-room status, no association was found between use of   artificial sweeteners or diet beverages and bladder cancer. No   dose-response was observed with respect to quantity or duration   of use of the two combined. No evidence was found to suggest that   artificial sweeteners or diet beverages promote the tumorigenic   effect of tobacco smoking. Artificial sweetener and diet beverage   use strongly reflected socioeconomic status among controls with   various diagnoses.

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