Owen Priest - Total Synthesis of Michellamines A-C: Important Anti-HIV Agents

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Hoye, Thomas. R., M. Chen, L. Mi, and Owen P. and Priest. 1994. "Total Synthesis of Michellamines A-C: Important Anti-HIV Agents."  Tetradedron Lett. 1994, 35, 8747-8750.



Michellamines A-C I were prepd. by total synthesis in 7 and 16 linear steps from known and com. materials, resp. Key steps include i) palladium (O)-mediated biaryl coupling, ii) silver oxide promoted oxidative 1-naphthol coupling to an atropisomeric mixt. of cross-ring quinones (indigoids), and iii) simultaneous per-debenzylation/reductive bleaching to the central 2,2'-binaphthol.

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