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Document created by Sebastiano Tosto on Jan 7, 2017
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After retirement, my scientific activity is addressed to theoretical considerations and models. Physical Chemistry and Physics are still now my primary concern. As regards in particular the development of advanced fuel cells [S. Tosto, Mixed Ion-Electron Conductivity in Ceramic Electrolytes, Progress in Physics, vol 11, (2015), pp. 60-75], the main difficulty of demonstrating experimentally the idea of ion superconductivity is perhaps that of involving three different skills: ceramic material science, low temperature catalysis and reaction rates, electrochemistry. As the scientific reliability of my paper is comprehensibly the crucial point under scrutiny, any comment/criticism of the Community about the model would be greatly appreciated to understand whether the lack of feedback is due to unconvincing/insufficient theoretical basis or it is mere reluctance to undertake unprecedented experimental activities.