Paul Ornstein - GluK1 antagonists from 6-(carboxy)phenyl decahydroisoquinoline derivatives. SAR and evaluation of a prodrug strategy for oral efficacy in pain models

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      Martinez-Perez, Jose A., Iyengar, Smriti, Shannon, Harlan E.,   Bleakman, David, Alt, Andrew, Arnold, Brian M., Bell, Michael G.,   Bleisch, Thomas J., Castaño, Ana M., Del Prado, Miriam,   Dominguez, Esteban, Escribano, Ana M., Filla, Sandra A., Ho, Ken   H., Hudziak, Kevin J., Jones, Carrie K., Mateo, Ana, Mathes,   Brian M., Mattiuz, Edward L., Ogden, Ann Marie L., Simmons, Rosa   Maria A., Stack, Douglas R., Stratford, Robert E., Winter, Mark   A., Wu, Zhipei, Ornstein, Paul L. 23 (23) 6459-6462


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