Paul Ornstein - A critical role of a facilitatory presynaptic kainate receptor in mossy fiber LTP

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  Lauri, Sari E., Bortolotto, Zuner A., Bleakman, David, Ornstein,   Paul L., Lodge, David, Isaac, John T. R., Collingridge, Graham L.   Neuron 2001 32 (4) 697-709

  Abstract: The mechanisms involved in mossy fiber   LTP in the hippocampus are not well established. In the present   study, we show that the kainate receptor antagonist LY382884 (10   muM) is selective for presynaptic kainate receptors in the CA3   region of the hippocampus. At a concentration at which it blocks   mossy fiber LTP, LY382884 selectively blocks the synaptic   activation of a presynaptic kainate receptor that facilitates   AMPA receptor-mediated synaptic transmission. Following the   induction of mossy fiber LTP, there is a complete loss of the   presynaptic kainate receptor-mediated facilitation of synaptic   transmission. These results identify a central role for the   presynaptic kainate receptor in the induction of mossy fiber LTP.   In addition, these results suggest that the pathway by which   kainate receptors facilitate glutamate release is utilized for   the expression of mossy fiber LTP.

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