Paul Ornstein - A role for Ca2+ stores in kainate receptor-dependent synaptic facilitation and LTP at mossy fiber synapses in the hippocampus.

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  Lauri, Sari E., Bortolotto, Zuner A., Nistico, Robert, Bleakman,   David, Ornstein, Paul L., Lodge, David, Isaac, John T. R.,   Collingridge, Graham L. Neuron 2003  39 (2) 327-341

  Abstract: Compared with NMDA receptor-dependent   LTP, much less is known about the mechanism of induction of NMDA   receptor-independent LTP; the most extensively studied form of   which is mossy fiber LTP in the hippocampus. In the present study   we show that Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release from intracellular stores   is involved in the induction of mossy fiber LTP. This release   also contributes to the kainate receptor-dependent component of   the pronounced synaptic facilitation that occurs during   high-frequency stimulation. We also present evidence that the   trigger for this Ca2+ release is Ca2+ permeation through kainate   receptors. However, these novel synaptic mechanisms can be   bypassed when the Ca2+ concentration is raised (from 2 to 4 mM),   via a compensatory involvement of L-type Ca2+ channels. These   findings suggest that presynaptic kainate receptors at mossy   fiber synapses can initiate a cascade involving Ca2+ release from   intracellular stores that is important in both short-term and   long-term plasticity.

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