Paul Ornstein - Synaptic activation of a presynaptic kainate receptor facilitates AMPA receptor-mediated synaptic transmission at hippocampal mossy fibre synapses

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  Lauri, Sari E., Delany, Caroline, Clarke, Vernon R. J.,   Bortolotto, Zuner A., Ornstein, Paul L., Isaac, John T. R.,   Collingridge, Graham L. Neuropharmacology  2001 41 (8) 907-915

  Abstract: The development of GluR5-selective   kainate receptor ligands is helping to elucidate the functions of   kainate receptors in the CNS. Here we have further characterised   the actions of a GluR5 selective agonist, ATPA, and a GluR5   selective antagonist, LY382884, in the CA3 region of rat   hippocampal slices. In addition, we have used LY382884 to study a   novel synaptic mechanism. This antagonist substantially reduces   frequency facilitation of mossy fibre synaptic transmission,   monitored as either AMPA or NMDA receptor-mediated EPSCs. This   suggests that GluR5-containing kainate receptors on mossy fibres   function as autoreceptors to facilitate the synaptic release of   L-glutamate, in a frequency-dependent manner.

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