Paul Ornstein - Synthesis of constrained cycloalkyl analogues of glutamic acid with an omega-phosphonic acid function.

Document created by Paul Ornstein on Jan 17, 2017
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  Bessieres, Bernard, Schoenfelder, Angele, Verrat, Celine, Mann,   Andre, Ornstein, Paul, Pedregal, Conception Tetrahedron   Letters 2002 43 (43) 7659-7662

  Abstract: A general method based on the   sequential reactivities of bis-bromocycloalkenes (3-5) is   proposed for the preparation of phosphonocycloalkanes   (1a/b-3a/b), representing structural constrained analogues of   AP4. For the synthesis of an additional congested AP4 analogue   (4), an intramolecular cyclopropanation of a ketocarbene towards   a vinyphoshonate, assisted by Rh(OAc)2 was successfully   experimented.

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