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Interactions with the USPTO ideas


1.) Invited talk at Dallas USPTO regional office with webinar for those too far to travel

     a.) Hope Shimabuku- contact (Hayley has info)

     b.) General topics: patenting history and process in the US, how to read/write a patent, how patents are examined

          i.) Focus on chemistry and relevant topics

          ii.) Start with USPTO presentation, then roundtable with questions from the audience

     c.) Planned audience: grad students and older in terms of experience, could advertise beyond ACS (AIChE, APS) and maybe geographically (other states can call in)

          i.) Reach out to School of Business/Law School?

     d.) Timing: weekday (ideally Friday not in May-August), talk over lunch or dinner hour; target date is September/October (IPG deadline is 6/30, collaborative section grant due prob 3/1)

          i.) Apply for funds to cover travel, food, and maybe kits to send to the distance locations

          ii.) Need to coordinate with USPTO before finalizing timing

     e.) Action Items

          i.) Hayley/Brazosport Section to contact Hope and report back on feasibility/timing/physical audience limits

          ii.) If favorable, Local section chairs to coordinate yes/no participation answer by 2/20 to allow Diane/Central Texas section to submit collaborative grant proposal by      3/1

     f.)Conference call with our group on 2/20 to establish project planning (recurring meeting timing discussion)

          iii.) Initial follow-ups for participating sections

               I.) Designated section contact for project

              II.) Communication plan with members and coordination plan with other organizations

               II.) Estimated funding needs (deadline is 5/30 to enable IPG grant proposal 6/30 (Central Texas to coordinate/help))

Look at grants for connecting technology, look at the web strategy page???