Mary Leonard - A Time Projection Chamber for High Accuracy and High Precision Cross Section Measurements

Version 2

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      M. Heffner, D. M. Asner, R. G. Baker, J. Baker, S. Barrett, C. Brune, J. Bundgaard, E. Burgett, K. Carter, M. Cunningham, J. Deaven, D. L. Duke, U. Greife, S. Grimes, U. Hager, N. Hertel, T. Hill, D. Isenhower, K. Jewell, J. King, J. L. Klay, V. Kleinrath, N. Kornilov, R. Kudo, A. B. Laptev, M. Leonard, W. Loveland, et al., a NIFFTE Collaboration. Nucl. Instrum. Methods. Phys. Res., Sect. A, 2014,   759, 50-64.


      The fission Time Projection Chamber (fissionTPC) is a compact (15   cm diameter) two-chamber MICROMEGAS TPC designed to make   precision cross-section measurements of neutron-induced fission.   The actinide targets are placed on the central cathode and   irradiated with a neutron beam that passes axially through the   TPC inducing fission in the target. The 4π acceptance for fission   fragments and complete charged particle track reconstruction are   powerful features of the fissionTPC which will be used to measure   fission cross-sections and examine the associated systematic   errors. This paper provides a detailed description of the design   requirements, the design solutions, and the initial performance   of the fissionTPC.

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