Mary Leonard - Radioecology: Why Bother?

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      E. A.     Caffrey,   M. E.   Leonard,   J. B.   Napier,   D. R.   Neville,   and     K. A. Higley.   J. Environ.  Prot.,   2014, 5,   181-192.


  The importance of radioecology to the discussion of radioactive   contamination is discussed here. This paper discusses the history   of radioecology, alongside the most recent developments in the   science. It describes the need for more environmental data, and   explains where the gaps in current knowledge lie. The calculation   of radiation dose to wildlife along with the complications in   performing such calculations is discussed. The paper also tackles   the difficult question of the implications of radioecology on   nuclear waste management and site decommissioning policies. From   the beginnings of the science to today, radioecology is poised to   be an important field of study as humans continue to rely on   ionizing radiation to improve their lives.

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