K W Hipps - Building Self-Assembled Molecular Layers with Axially Substituted Titanium Phthalocyanines

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  Takami, Tomohide, Clark, Aurora, Caldwell, Richard, Mazur,   Ursula, Hipps, K. W. Langmuir 2010  26 (15) 12709-12715

  Abstract: Adsorption on graphite (HOPG) by   titanium phthalocyanine axially bonded to a catechol ligand   (TiPcat), titanylphthalocyanine (TiOPc), and 1:1 mixtures of   these are studied at the HOPG−octylbenzene interface. The surface   structures of a two-component bilayer, and of the individual   monolayers of TiOPc and TiPcat, were determined by scanning   tunneling microscopy (STM). TiPcat self-segregates onto a   monolayer of TiOPc when an equal molar mixture is used. The   preferential formation of a TiOPc monolayer from a solution   containing both molecules is attributed to the difference in   adsorption energies between TiPcat and TiOPc on graphite. The   transformation of the hexagonal lattice of the pure TiOPc   monolayer into a pseudo-square lattice was induced by the   adsorption of TiPcat molecules. DFT calculations of the catechol   orientation are presented.

  Address (URL): http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/la1020127