K W Hipps - Differing **** and LUMO Mediated Conduction in a Porphyrin Nanorod

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  Friesen, Benjamin A., Wiggins, Bryan, McHale, Jeanne L., Mazur,   Ursula, Hipps, K. W. Journal of the American Chemical   Society 2010 132 (25) 8554-8556

  Abstract: In this communication we provide the   first UHV-STM images and STM-based current−voltage (I−V) and   orbital mediated tunneling spectroscopy (OMTS) data on a   self-assembled porphyrin nanostructure at the single structure   level. We will show that transverse conductivity over distances   less than 10 nm can occur by barrier type tunneling but that long   distance conduction solely occurs through the LUMO band. These   nanorods are very highly rectifying.

  Address (URL): http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/ja103078q