K W Hipps - Electron Tunneling, a Quantum Probe for the Quantum World of Nanotechnology

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  Hipps, K. W., Scudiero, L. Journal of Chemical Education  2005 82 (5) 704-

  Abstract: Key events and concepts in the   development of tunneling spectroscopy, especially in the context   of the scanning tunneling microscope, are reviewed. Focus is   placed on the single-molecule spectroscopy of adsorbates on   surfaces. Examples of molecular images with sub-molecular   resolution are provided. Molecular electronic spectra obtained in   the STM are displayed and contrasted with results from techniques   requiring large (>109) numbers of molecules. Correlation   between the nanoscale method of orbital-mediated tunneling   spectroscopy (OMTS) and the microscale methods of ultraviolet   photoelectron spectra (UPS) and electrochemical oxidation and   reduction potentials will be made. Mapping of electron-transport   paths through a molecule as a function of electron energy will be   demonstrated. Specific examples of STM based OMTS will be drawn   from porphyrins and phthalocyanines on Au(111).

  Address (URL): http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/ed082p704