Mariana Fraga - Discussion on the Use of Metal-containing Diamond-like Carbon (Me-DLC) Films as Selective Solar Absorber Coatings

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  M. A. Fraga,  G. Leal, M. Massi, V. J. Trava Airoldi. A   Discussion on the Use of Metal-containing Diamond-like Carbon   (Me-DLC) Films as Selective Solar Absorber Coatings. In:Kuan Yew   Cheong. Two-Dimensional Nanostructures for Energy-Related   Applications. CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group. pp.178-211   2016


  The wide use of sunlight for energy generation still facing   challenges related to high cost and low efficiency. The   successful expansion of the capacity for solar energy production   depends on technological advances in several fields, particularly   materials science and engineering. The key mechanisms of solar   energy conversion are dominated by the intrinsic properties of   the active materials that constitute the photovoltaic or solar   thermal collector systems. An intensive research on the synthesis   and properties of materials for solar energy conversion,   especially nanomaterials, has been carried out in order to build   solar systems with lower cost and higher efficiency. Carbon-based   nanomaterials have been recognized as promising candidates due to   their outstanding physicochemical properties. Among them,   metal-containing diamond-like carbon (Me-DLC) coatings have been   investigated to enhance absorption of solar radiation and also   enhance heat transfer to working fluid in solar collectors. In   this chapter, the focus is on the synthesis, properties and solar   absorber coating applications of Me-DLC films. The fundamental   mechanisms related to selective solar absorbers are described.   The main synthesis methods of Me-DLC films are reviewed.   Furthermore, the material properties of Me-DLC films are   discussed as a function of type of transition metal, such as Cr,   W, Ti, Pt, etc., which is incorporated into the DLC film. The   promising results reported in literature using Me-DLC films as   selective solar absorber coatings are also being discussed.

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