March for Science Sign: Chemists Love Clean Air and Water

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This PDF document is for a sign to be carried at the March for Science on April 22 2017.



** NEW DIMENSIONS 4/21/2017***
The PDF can be given directly to FEDEX/KINKOS or anyone else so it may be printed and mounted on a 28"x36" board.


For those who have access to multilayer-equipped Adobe software (like Adobe Illustrator), one can edit the central message.



If you change the "Chemists Love Safety" message, please edit the reference document to add citations that support the position you cite:
March for Science - Central Reference Repository


IDEA: People carry the signs, and the signs all carry URL references to this document. If people look up this document, they can see more detailed citations that support the position asserted on the sign. In the few seconds they have to see the sign, they won;t remember long citations. But they MAY remember this simple URL, and they can visit it to get a bunch of different line to solid supporting articles: