Christian Wallen - Hydrogen Peroxide Coordination to Cobalt(II) Facilitated by Second-Sphere Hydrogen Bonding

Document created by Christian Wallen on Jun 9, 2017
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  C. M. Wallen, L. Palatinus, J.   Bacsa, C. C. Scarborough, Angew.   Chem. Int. Ed. 201655,   11902.


    M(H2O2)   adducts have been postulated as intermediates in biological and   industrial processes; however, only one observable   M(H2O2)   adduct has been reported, where M is redox-inactive zinc. Herein,   direct solution-phase detection of an M(H2O2)   adduct with a redox-active metal, cobalt(II), is described. This   CoII(H2O2)   compound is made observable by incorporating second-sphere   hydrogen-bonding interactions between bound H2O2 and   the supporting ligand, a trianionic trisulfonamido ligand.   Thermodynamics of H2O2 binding   and decay kinetics of the CoII(H2O2)   species are described, as well as the reaction of this   CoII(H2O2)   species with Group 2 cations.

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