Christian Wallen - Hydrogen Peroxide Complex of Zinc

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      J.   Am. Chem. Soc.2015137 (46),   pp 14606–14609


        Metal(H2O2)   complexes have been implicated in kinetic and computational   studies but have never been observed. Accordingly,   H2O2 has   been described as a very weak ligand. We report the first   metal(H2O2)   adduct, which is made possible by incorporating intramolecular   hydrogen-bonding interactions with bound H2O2.   This ZnII(H2O2)   complex decays in solution by a second-order process that is slow   enough to enable characterization of this species by X-ray   crystallography. This report speaks to the intermediacy of   metal(H2O2)   adducts in chemistry and biology and opens the door to   exploration of these species in oxidation catalysis.

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