Christian Wallen - Heterotrimetallic sandwich complexes supported by sulfonamido ligands

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    Christian M. Wallen Marika   Wielizcko John   Bacsa and Christopher   C. Scarborough *

    Inorg. Chem. Front.,   2016,3,   142-149


    CoII complexes   bearing sulfonamido ligands derived from tris(2-aminoethyl)amine   (H6tren)   assemble into complex architectures in the presence of Group II   ions through interactions between the Group II ion and the   sulfonyl oxygens. Novel ligands where the sulfonyl groups   bear tert-butyl   substituents afford well-defined isostructural heterotrimetallic   sandwich complexes where two anionic [LCoII] fragments   are bridged by a Group II metal ion (Mg2+,   Ca2+,   Sr2+,   or Ba2+).   Solution studies on these novel sandwich complexes by cyclic   voltammetry and electronic absorption spectroscopy indicate that   these structures are not dramatically altered in solution,   opening the door to the exploration of reactivity at   CoII that   is modified by Group II ions.

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