Nemanja Dordevic - C-F Bond Activation by Transient Phosphenium Dications

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          Inorg. Chem.201554 (9), pp 4180–4182    
          DOI: 10.1021/ic5031125    
          Publication Date (Web): April 14, 2015    
          Copyright © 2015 American Chemical Society    


        C–F bond cleavage by transient phosphorus(III)-based dications   [RP(C(PPh3)2)]2+ (4a2+,   R = Ph; 4b2+,   R = 4-F-Ph) is reported. These dications were generated by   reaction of the corresponding monocationic precursors with excess   Na[BAr4Cl].   Evidence for the existence of transient dicationic species was   obtained by trapping the dication 4a2+ with   PMe3.   According to theoretical analysis, the low-lying lowest   unoccupied molecular orbitals of these species were responsible   for the observed activation of C–F bonds.

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