Lignesh Durai - Detection of γ-Radiations using Lead Sulfide Nanostructures: Through Optical Properties

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  Lignesh Durai, Sabnam A, Arthi Gopalakrishnan, T.   Vijayakumar,Detection of γ-Radiations using Lead Sulfide   Nanostructures: Through Optical Properties, International Journal   of Scientific and Engineering Research 8(1):1910 · February   2017. DOI: 10.14299/ijser.2017.01.001


  Homeland Security is the prime factor to weigh a nation’s   strength or its immune system to overlook all the threats from   various terrorist groups. It’s always better to have a prevention   system than having a curing system. In order to prevent terrorism   attacks and other civilized attacks in the home land, the   security system must be the strongest one in all means. Apart   from the other types of weapons used, the very dangerous weapon   is the Nuclear weapon which can demolish the infrastructure of   the nation along with its growth for upcoming years in greater   impact. To avoid the nuclear weapon migration into the nation   there are many technology such as Scanning process at airports,   railway stations and harbors. They use metal detectors and CT   scanners along with Scintillators to detect the nuclear weapon   though the gamma radiation from the materials as U-235, also   known as highly enriched uranium (HEU) and plutonium. This work   concentrates on the detection of those gamma radiations in the   atmosphere in minimum quantities even from 1KGy and below. The   quantum dots of PbS are more efficiency in detecting the   radiation from the materials or weapons. At present single   crystal scintillators with sodium iodide being used worldwide for   the Security Purposes. The Lead Sulfide Quantum Dots are prepared   using the Hines and Scholes method of Hot Injection Technique, in   Lead Oleate. The prepared PbS Quantum Dots are Examined Using   Particle Size Analyzer, Dynamic Light Scattering Spectroscopy.   Photoluminescence, FTIR Spectroscopy and the synthesized quantum   dot was been found with a diameter of 4-6 nm. The Optical   Properties of the PbS QDs are studied before and after   irradiation of gamma radiation (with CO-60 as the Source of gamma   Radiations) and using the difference the optical response of the   lead sulfide are studied under gamma radiation.

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