Jean-Claude Bunzli - Light Conversion: Lanthanide-Containing Systems

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  B nzli,Jean-Claude G. 2016 1-26

  Abstract: Present-day technologies see the   development of many lanthanide-containing materials with   light-emitting and/or light-conversion properties, ranging from   amplifiers for fiber-optic communications to electroluminescent   lighting devices, X-ray intensifying screens, materials for   bioassays and bioimaging, security inks and tags. Many   light-converting materials are inorganic phosphors, but there is   growing interest for molecular devices built from organic   ligands. In addition, coordination polymers and inorganic-organic   hybrid materials have also come under the scrutiny of developers   of high-performance optical materials and systems. This article   outlines the principles to be followed for an efficient design of   organic receptors able to encapsulate trivalent lanthanide ions   and to enhance their photophysical properties. It also presents   selected examples of luminescent systems, including inorganic   phosphors, and their applications

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