Jean-Claude Bunzli - New Exciting Challenges in Lanthanoid Photonics, Telecommunications, and Solar Energy Conversion

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      B nzli,J.-C.G. 2013 1st (1) 1-12

      Abstract: Fascination for lanthanide optical   materials dates back to the discovery of these elements in the   19th century when renowned scientists were using luminescence to   test the purity of their recrystallizations. Later, the finding   of the highly red-emitting phosphor Y2O3:Eu by G. Urbain set up a   landmark which had important consequences for lighting and   display technology. Presently lanthanide optical materials are in   use in fields as diverse as phosphors for fluorescent lamps, CRT   and plasma displays, telecommunications, lasers (including   guiding systems for missiles), night vision goggles, security   inks, counterfeiting measures, analytical sensors, as well as   bioanalyses and bioimaging.

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