Jean-Claude Bunzli - Lanthanide luminescence for functional materials and bio-sciences

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  Eliseeva,S.V., Bunzli,J.C.G. Chemical Society Reviews  2010 39 (1) 189-227

  Abstract: Recent startling interest for   lanthanide luminescence is stimulated by the continuously   expanding need for luminescent materials meeting the stringent   requirements of telecommunication, lighting, electroluminescent   devices, (bio-)analytical sensors and bio-imaging set-ups. This   critical review describes the latest developments in (i) the   sensitization of near-infrared luminescence, (ii) "soft"   luminescent materials ( liquid crystals, ionic liquids,   ionogels), (iii) electroluminescent materials for organic light   emitting diodes, with emphasis on white light generation, and   (iv) applications in luminescent bio-sensing and bio- imaging   based on time-resolved detection and multiphoton excitation (500   references)

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