Jean-Claude Bunzli - Highly efficient Near-IR emitting YbNb and Yb/Al helicates

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  Albrecht,M., Osetska,O., Frohlich,R., Bunzli,J.C.G.,   Aebischer,A., Gumy,F., Hamacek,J. Journal of the American   Chemical Society 2007 129 (46)   14178-+

  Abstract: ****- and heterodinuclear Yb/Yb and   Gd/Gd or Yb/Al and Gd/Al helicates are obtained from   8-hydroxyquinoline-derived ligands and metal ions in a   potassium-templated self-assembly process. X-ray structural   investigations reveal an unusual pi-type coordination of the   template to a vinylic unit. The compounds show high stability in   solution and efficient NIR emission

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