Jean-Claude Bunzli - Luminescent coordination nanoparticles

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      Kerbellec,N., Catala,L., Daiguebonne,C., Gloter,A., Stephan,O.,   Bunzli,J.C., Guillou,O., Mallah,T. New Journal of   Chemistry 2008 32 (4) 584-587

      Abstract: Water-soluble lanthanide-containing   coordination nanoparticles with a size around 4-5 nm were   prepared by the growth confinement of the Tb-2(bdc)(3)(H2O)(4)   three-dimensional network using an organic polymer; the terbium-   and the europium-based objects present intense luminescence that   opens perspectives for their use in different applications

      Address (URL): WOS:000254634300003