Jean-Claude Bunzli - Visible-light excitation of infrared lanthanide luminescence via intra-ligand charge-transfer state in 1,3-diketonates containing push-pull chromophores

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  Shavaleev,N.M., Scopelliti,R., Gumy,F., Bunzli,J.C.G.   European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry  2008 (9) 1523-1529

  Abstract: A new 1,3-diketonato ligand containing   both an electron-donor [4-(dimethylamino)benzene] and an   electron-acceptor (4-nitrobenzene) group and its lanthanide   complexes have been prepared. They display an intense   intra-ligand charge-transfer absorption transition in the visible   region of the spectrum at 400-550 nm which was utilized to   achieve visible-light excitation of metal-centred infrared   luminescence of Nd(III), Er(III) and Yb(III) ions. ((c) Wiley-VCH   Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, 69451 Weinheim, Germany, 2008)

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