Jean-Claude Bunzli - Exploring the potential of europium(III) luminescence for the detection of phase transitions in ionic liquid crystals

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  Kocher,J., Gumy,F., Chauvin,A.S., Bunzli,J.C.G. Journal of   Materials Chemistry 2007 17 (7)   654-657

  Abstract: The ionic liquid crystal [C-12-mim]Cl   has been doped with 5 mol% europium nitrate and the photophysical   properties of both the ionic liquid and the trivalent europium   ion have been monitored with respect to temperature in the range   of -48 to + 120 degrees C. The relative transition probabilities   to the various ligand-field sub-levels are sensitive to the phase   transitions, but the other photophysical parameters, lifetimes   and overall intensities of the transitions to Eu(F-7(2)) and   Eu(F-7(4)), display monotonous variation with temperature

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