Jean-Claude Bunzli - Taking advantage of luminescent lanthanide ions

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  Bunzli,J.C.G., Piguet,C. Chemical Society Reviews  2005 34 (12) 1048-1077

  Abstract: Lanthanide ions possess fascinating   optical properties and their discovery, first industrial uses and   present high technological applications are largely governed by   their interaction with light. Lighting devices (economical   luminescent lamps, light emitting diodes), television and   computer displays, optical fibres, optical amplifiers, lasers, as   well as responsive luminescent stains for biomedical analysis,   medical diagnosis, and cell imaging rely heavily on lanthanide   ions. This critical review has been tailored for a broad audience   of chemists, biochemists and materials scientists; the basics of   lanthanide photophysics are highlighted together with the   synthetic strategies used to insert these ions into mono- and   polymetallic molecular edifices. Recent advances in NIR-emitting   materials, including liquid crystals, and in the control of   luminescent properties in polymetallic assemblies are also   presented

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