Jean-Claude Bunzli - Luminescent properties of the hexakis(nitrito)europate(III) ion [Eu(NO2)(6)](3-)

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  Bunzli,J.C.G., Petoud,S., Moret,E. Spectroscopy Letters  1999 32 (1) 155-163

  Abstract: The 12-coordinated   hexakis(nitrato)europate(III) ion displays a luminescence   spectrum compatible with Th symmetry, with essentially a single   emission line at 16 873 cm(-1) arising from the   D-5(0)-->F-7(1) transition. At low temperature (4.2 - 170 K),   the lifetime of the D-5(0) level amounts to 10.9 ms and then   sharply decreases because of vibrational de-excitation processes   (E-a = 2 250 +/- 1 490 cm(-1)). The forbidden D-5(0)-->F-7(0)   transition displays an extensive pattern of Stokes and anti   Stokes vibrational components and its energy reflects a   nephelauxetic parameter for the nitrite ions delta(O(NO2)) equal   to -14.4, slightly larger than the one associated to the nitrate   ion in [Eu(NO3)(6)](3-). The ligand excitation spectrum contains   several bands displaying extensive vibrational structure mostly   due to the delta(NO2) vibrational mode

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