Jean-Claude Bunzli - Structural and Photophysical Properties of Europium(Iii) Mixed Complexes with Beta-Diketonates and O-Phenanthroline

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  Bunzli,J.C.G., Moret,E., Foiret,V., Schenk,K.J., Wang,M.Z.,   Jin,L.P. Journal of Alloys and Compounds  1994 207 107-111

  Abstract: The luminescence of solid samples of   europium mixed complexes with beta-diketonates and   o-phenanthroline (Phen), EuL3Phen, is investigated at 77 K in   order to probe the structure of these compounds. A   ligand-to-metal energy transfer process is evidenced. The quantum   yields of 10(-5) M solutions in CH2Cl2 are measured relative to   9,10-dichloroanthracene. Except for benzylacetonate, these yields   are quite low, due to the presence of low-lying electronic states   of the ligands. The crystal structure of Eu(NO3)(DBM)2(TBPO)2 as   well as its photophysical properties in CH2Cl2 solution are   presented

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