Jean-Claude Bunzli - Luminescence of Eu(Iii) Complexes with Extraction Agents

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      Moret,E., Bunzli,J.C.G., Jin,L.P., Bin,W. European Journal of   Solid State and Inorganic Chemistry 1991  28 311-314

      Abstract: High-resolution, laser-excited   luminescence spectra are presented for two Europium nitrate   complexes with TPPO (triphenylphosphine oxide) and EtOH, and with   TPPO and BFA (1-phenyl-3-furyl-1,3-propanedionate). Both   complexes display a single metal ion site with low symmetry.   Coordination of BFA results in an exaltation of the   hypersensitive 5D0 --> 7F2 transition. Luminescence lifetimes   of the 5D0 level in the Eu complexes and in the Eu-doped Gd   compounds range between 600' and 800-mu-s and are discussed with   respect to the structure of the complexes

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