Mariana Fraga - Design and Analytical Studies of a DLC Thin-Film Piezoresistive Pressure Microsensor

Document created by Mariana Fraga on Oct 7, 2017
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    Rasia L.A., Leal G., Koberstein L.L., Furlan H., Massi M., Fraga   M.A. (2017) Design and Analytical Studies of a DLC Thin-Film   Piezoresistive Pressure Microsensor. In: Figueroa-García J.,   López-Santana E., Villa-Ramírez J., Ferro-Escobar R. (eds)   Applied Computer Sciences in Engineering. WEA 2017.   Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 742.   Springer, Cham.


    Diamond-like carbon (DLC) thin films have been investigated for a   wide range of applications due to their excellent electrical and   mechanical properties. In the last decade, several researches and   development activities have been conducted on the use of these   thin films as piezoresistors in MEMS pressure sensors. This paper   provides an overview on the design of a piezoresistive pressure   sensor constituted of a silicon circular diaphragm with four DLC   thin-film piezoresistors arranged in the Wheatstone bridge   configuration. The sensor was designed from   analytical formulas found in the literature.

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