Sebastiano Tosto - Many Electron Atoms: Ionization Energies Of Transition Elements

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  Open Journal of Physical Chemistry, 2017, 7, 89-121



  The paper introduces a theoretical model aimed to calculate the   ionization
  energies of many electron atoms and their ions. The validity of   the model,
  which implements the statistical formulation of the quantum   uncertainty to
  infer a simple formula of ionization energy, has been already   proven in a previous
  paper comparing systematically experimental and calculated values   for
  elements with atomic numbers 2 ≤ Z ≤ 29 , whose electron   configurations
  include all ions with numbers e n of electrons 2 e ≤n≤ Z . The   present paper
  enhances and extends the results previously obtained; the   approach is now
  generalized to include even the transition elements and in   particular the lanthanides
  and actinides. The validity of the proposed model is proven   examining
  all experimental data of ionization energies of these elements   and their
  ions available in literature.

  Keywords: Quantum Chemistry, Energy Levels, Theoretical Model,   Quantum Uncertainty,

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