Elsa Moggia - Generalized Quasi-Random Lattice model for electrolyte solutions: Mean activity and osmotic coefficients, apparent and partial molal volumes and enthalpies

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  Author Elsa Moggia, Ph.D

  elsa@biosafetyengineering.it; elsa.moggia@unige.it

  Fluid Phase Equilibria, 479 (2019), pp 69-84


  ·          The article evaluates   relevant thermodynamic properties of ionic   solutions

    ·        The   article is built on a very competitive model for the mean   activity coefficient

  ·          Regression   techniques are not required by the model

    ·            The model parameterization requires a small number of    experimental data

    ·          The article advances toward a truly predictive   model of the electrolytic behavior


    Electrolytes are the subject of a vast number of theoretical and   experimental investigations concerned with a variety of modern   applications. The modeling of thermodynamic properties of ionic   solutions is thus a fundamental research topic that has been   supported in many ways for many decades. There is however still a   lack of models that are truly predictive over wide ranges of   concentration, temperature and pressure conditions.

  In this article, the Quasi-Random Lattice (QRL) model is   presented in a generalized form that allows for evaluating   relevant thermodynamic properties of binary electrolyte   solutions. The semi-predictive character of the model yields a   powerful and competitive representation of electrolyte data over   well defined concentration ranges. The additional experimental   information to support the generalized version of QRL is very   modest compared to the number of data points typically used in   regression techniques for best-fit purposes. The thermodynamic   consistency of the improved QRL model is demonstrated by the   level of agreement with experimental data concerning mean   activity and osmotic coefficients, apparent and partial molal   volumes and enthalpies, for a variety of aqueous 1:1, 2:1, and   3:1 electrolytes.

  Address (URL): https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1Xx~f1M2A~6q~9