Chicago Section ChemLuminary Poster - 2018

Photo posted by Josh Kurutz on Dec 22, 2018

Immediately prior to every ChemLuminary Awards ceremony, ACS hosts a poster session where all the finalists (local sections, divisions, etc.) showcase their work. Each nominee presents one poster, regardless of the number of awards for which they are nominated. The poster for this event therefore enables nominees to introduce their organization to their colleagues around the world, in addition to supporting their case for individual awards.


In 2018, Chicago was pleased to be a finalist for two ChemLuminaries:
• Outstanding Community Involvement in Chemists Celebrate Earth Day
• Outstanding Local Section Younger Chemists Committee


This is the poster Chicago ACS presented at the August 2018 meeting in Boston. Our Earth Day activity, centered around the March for Science, won the ChemLuminary!


Check out Chicago's history of ChemLuminary awards in our Trophy Case: Chicago Section American Chemical Society - ChemLuminary Awards



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