Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in researches of domain wall for data storage of thin PmBaMn_{2}O_{6} nanofilms at contact with graphene channel of p-n junction

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In the article we have found the analytical chiral solutions of stationary Schrödinger boundary problem for domain wall for data storage of nanosize PmBaMn_{2}O_{6} ferroics with incommensurately modulated sinusoidal polarization waves Q_{T}, Q_{P}, Q_{b}. The computer solution of quantized energies or wave vectors of stationary inhomogeneous Schrödinger boundary problem for Q_{T}, Q_{P}, Q_{b} with sinusoidal depolarization waves for the thin PmBaMn_{2}O_{6} nanofilm are specified. We have specified the analytical quantized solutions for the band energy dispersion in nanosize ferroics in framework of Landau-Ginsburg-Devonshire (LGD) theory as well as the numerical computer calculation results for the thin PmBaMn_{2}O_{6} nanofilm have been presented. We have presented the computation solutions of quantized normalized charges densities of the Eq. (42) stationary Schrödinger boundary problem for different thickness h of PmBaMn_{2}O_{6} ferroelectric (FE) nanofilms. We have found the computation solutions of order parameters of ferroelectric phase transition in the form of quantized hysteresis loops. We have found the quantized out-of-plane polarizations P_{3} dispersion for LSMO/BFO interface of polar-active ferroelectric nanofilm with semiconductor with different boundary parameters. The quantized out-of-plane P_{3} polarizations were clearly visible like the festive fires of candles. I think in the article [1] the derived of Phase diagram modeling and domain splitting in thin ferroelectric films with incommensurate phase by A.N. Morozovska were not allowed and consequently quantized energies or wave vectors were not found by means of the uncertain inference of just these similar symmetrical expressions into (14), (42).